The Basics  ︎︎︎

An art director focused on international design, meaningful detail, and visual storytelling.

Hails from the mountains of northwestern Virginia︎︎︎
Master’s Candidate at the VCU Brandcenter︎︎︎
Art Direction︎︎︎
BFA in Photography︎︎︎
Middle distance runner︎︎︎
Film aficionado︎︎︎
Book worm︎︎︎
Cat person︎︎︎
Avid Pitchfork reader︎︎︎
Typewriter enthusiast︎︎︎
Giant Taylor Swift fan︎︎︎

Quote  ︎︎︎

“Business art is the step that comes after art. I started as a commercial artist, but I want to finish as a business artist. Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. During the hippie era people put down the idea of business. They’d say ‘money is bad’ and ‘working is bad.’ But making money is art, and working is art - and good business is the best art.”

—  The Philosophy of Andy Warhol

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