Typesmith (app)

Prologue  ︎︎︎
Romanticism and perfectionism are a large part of what gets in the way of crafting the next “Great American Novel” or making a best-selling series. Who says you can’t make the same great story in your studio apartment that you would make sitting at a café in Paris?

The goal was to create a desktop application that strips writing down to the bare bones and gives you the romantic sense of writing a novel—also allowing you to see your final goal while you are writing.

Application Screencaps  ︎︎︎

Password Protected  ︎︎︎
You are the one in control of what you write, so why not make it that way? With your new Typesmith account, you will not be limited to one working device.

Goal Oriented ︎︎︎ 
Create daily word goals to reach. Keep on track and know exactly how much you need to write for that working day.

Green: Keep Going, the word goal has not been met
Red: Stop (or Not), the word goal has been met

Word Sprint Timer ︎︎︎
Set a time limit to get as many words on the page as possible. (Don’t worry, you can go back and edit later). The best part of writing is that no one sees this work yet, so write what you want.

Narrative and Outline Notepad ︎︎︎
The best novels are planned out. The notepad feature helps the author outline and pinpoint specific plot details later in the story (or sequel if you need more than one book).

Character Development Index ︎︎︎
Character development is one of the critical hallmarks of writing a great story. The Character Development Index allows the author to track all the characters in their story and build them out.

Soundscapes ︎︎︎
Working from home can be exhausting and distracting. The romantic version you have of writing your novel is not out of reach. Escape to a London Bistro or French Café with the soundscapes collection.

Grammarly Integration ︎︎︎
The mistakes you correct when writing your first draft should be minimal, and the author should never edit themselves at the start. Included with Typesmith is Grammarly integration to help with common spelling errors or punctuation. Minimal fixes to help you keep focused on the story you are writing, not the editing.

Inspirational Writing Sprint Prompts ︎︎︎
Writer’s block is real. A technique used by professional writers is to make a draft for something else instead. Free your mind from the constraints of the story to write about something new. You might even get a new idea or two, or three.