u•hood (app)︎

Work by ︎︎︎
Art Direction, Adam DuBrueler
Copywriting, Aubrey Estes
Strategy, Kimberly Heard, Thomas Freeman


The goal: reposition menopause from a taboo and joked topic to a visible and positive one.

If you want to change the perception of menopause, you have to change the perception of womanhood and its connection to fertility and menstruation. With this construct in place, menopause is viewed as the end of a woman’s relevancy. This is a link that needed to be broken.

How can we reframe it when alternate language just didn’t exist? We defined uterinehood, removing the focus from fertility to all states within a Uterinite’s life, including menopause and postmenopause.

This is an inclusive experience for all with a uterus, including trans men and non-binary peoples. To assist in the change of how we talk about a Uterinite’s biological life, we created an app called U•Hood.

Chapter One: The Introduction  ︎︎︎

Chapter Two: Application Walkthrough ︎︎︎

Chapter Three: Application Screens ︎︎︎

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Introduction ︎︎︎

Quiz ︎︎︎

Power (puberty) ︎︎︎

Choice (fertility) ︎︎︎

Revolution (perimenopasal) ︎︎︎

Intention (postmenopausal) ︎︎︎

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