Duke’s Mayonnaise

Prologue  ︎︎︎
Loyality is shown through real stories. Duke’s has those true stories and real loyalty because it shows commitment to their condiment.
Goal: Gain loyalty outside of the South and infiltrate metropolitan cities in other parts of the country through true stories associated with the Duke’s brand.

Chapter One: OOH  ︎︎︎


Chapter Two: The Duke’s Sandwich Dispatch  ︎︎︎

The Duke’s Mayonnaise brand started via a sandwich cart in Greenville, South Carolina, by Eugenia Duke. We aim to carry on the true legends and stories of the Duke’s legacy with a food truck in metropolitan areas throughout the U.S. We aim to introduce everyone to this Southern staple, all at the same price point as it was 100 years ago–5 cents. ︎︎︎

Chapter Three: The Museum of Duke’s, Greenville, South Carolina  ︎︎︎

Nothing says loyalty than traveling to the place where it all started. 

Chapter Four: Test Kitchen  ︎︎︎

The Test Kitchen Experience aims to get at-home chefs to test the versatility of Duke’s and make all their meals a little bit better, with the best ingredient, of course. ︎︎︎

Chapter Five: Real Loyalty Spatula  ︎︎︎

Never let a drop go to waste.

Bonus: Duke’s Real Stories  ︎︎︎

Work by ︎︎︎
Art Direction, Adam DuBrueler
Copywriting, Malcolm Richardson
Strategy, Payal Pereira