Duke’s Mayonnaise ︎

Work by ︎︎︎
Art Direction, Adam DuBrueler
Copywriting, Malcolm Richardson
Strategy, Payal Pereira

Prologue  ︎︎︎

What is real loyalty?

Real loyalty is not just being passionate about great tasting mayonnaise, it is about having an official day to celebrate it. It is about using the phrase “till death do us part,” in the context of your mayo (*true story*).

Duke’s is mayonnaise with real meaning. It is about the real stories because they show real loyalty.

Chapter One: Duke’s Presents Real Stories  ︎︎︎

Chapter Two: OOH  ︎︎︎


Chapter Three: The Duke’s Sandwich Dispatch  ︎︎︎

The Duke’s Mayonnaise brand started out of a sandwich cart in Greenville, South Carolina by Eugenia Duke. We aim to carry on the true legends and stories of the Duke’s legacy with a food truck in metropolitan areas throughout the U.S. We aim to introduce everyone to this Southern staple, all at the same price point as it was 100 years ago–5 cents.

Chapter Four: The Museum of Duke’s, Greenville, South Carolina  ︎︎︎

Nothing says loyalty than traveling to the place where it all started. The Museum of Duke’s will showcase Duke’s memorabilia from its 100+ year history. Exhibits include: Jars Through the Years, Jar Your Own Mayo, The Original Duke’s Food Cart, and historical items from the Estate of Duke’s.

Chapter Five: Test Kitchen  ︎︎︎

Fans of Duke’s have found various ways to incorporate their favorite condiment into recipes that it might otherwise not be used in (i.e. the Famous Duke’s Chocolate Cake). The aim at the Test Kitchen Experience is to get at-home chefs to test the versatility of Duke’s and make all their meals a little bit better, with the best ingredient, of course.

Chapter Six: Mayonnaise Eating World Record  ︎︎︎

How loyal are you? Are you loyal enough to break the mayonnaise eating world record? That’s right, we are selling the exact amount go mayonnaise you need to eat in 3 minutes to claim the new world record. Can your loyalty get you through 5.10 lbs. of mayonnaise in 3 minutes? Everyone loves a good picnic party trick.

Chapter Seven: Real Loyalty Spatula  ︎︎︎

Never let a drop go to waste.

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