Four Course (game)

Prologue  ︎︎︎
Four Course is a strategy card game in the vein of Alchemy. The concept being that the player can only use what they have in their cabinet to prepare a four course meal (using three ingredients or more). The game can be played with 2-4 players of all ages.
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Packaging and Cards  ︎︎︎


The strategy: these recipe creations have to make logical sense and can be challenged by other players. The game, which features over 200 cards, includes pantry favorites like a bag of flour, a package of sour candies, and nacho cheese flavored tortilla chips.

Instructions: Each player starts with seven cards. The rotation begins to the dealer's right; for each turn, each player will draw another card from the market (stack of cards) in the center of the table. Each recipe requires three ingredients or more. In addition to laying down a recipe, the player has to give the food a name and an in-depth method of preparation, which other cooks (players) can dispute. If discussion proves the home chef to be wrong in the recipe, other cooks around the table can steal items from the failed recipe as they see fit for their pantry.

The first player to four solid recipes wins.

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